We, genially, invite you to join our SMM Training Courses staying tuned with the latest technology/software developments and abreast with advanced software usage, regulatory compliance & loading/unloading operations efficiency.

We invite you to join this course to get familiarized with 2010 "Manila Amendments" for 24H / 7D Exceptions - STCW 2010 - MLC 2006 - ILO Requirements. 

You may join to check how ship's girder deflection leads to cargo gains/losses.

We invite you to join this course to discover ways to prevent cargo shortages.

S.A. MALLIAROUDAKIS MARITIME UK LTD. invites you to join our training course for proper Steel Coils Loading using the applicable advanced tools. 

S.A. MALLIAROUDAKIS MARITIME UK LTD. invites you to join this training course to check how bunkers shortages are avoided by using SMM Bunkers Survey software.

If you are still in doubt whether your Ship Management Company should enroll to our SMM Emergency Response Service for Damage Stability and Residual Structural Strength Calculations in the case of incident. 

We invite you to join this training course of 24hr SMM Emergency Response Service.

S.A. MALLIAROUDAKIS MARITIME UK LTD. invites you to join our Multiload Loading Program Training Course. 

We would like to share with your esteemed side the following potential for collaboration in terms of Training eCourse for Oil Record Book based on electronic platform:

Considering the difficulties involved for the shipping companies to ensure the means, resources, time and/or know-how to keep the standards of completion of Oil Record Books under close scrutiny, we are pleased to provide a new training service that can assist your good company’s Crew Academies in the harmonization of O.R.B. completion standards.

During the training session based on the electronic platform, the most common errors, incorrect practices, are to be highlighted as well as introduction into and feedback with the identification of the benefits of a useful tool/Software “SMM Oil Record Book Trainer” for preventing deficiencies and providing guidance on how to correct and/or avoid errors recurrence.

The only requirement is the use of a recent web browser version (Chrome, Firefox) to access into our eLearning Portal.